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The topics in #SpiritChat for the first two weeks of November have been “Renewal with Community Spirit” and “Healing from the Inside Out”. All the experts seem to agree that a key component of renewal, and healing, is perhaps developing a sense of gratitude or contentment. One definition of gratitude is

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

The quality of being thankful. Readiness to show appreciation. To return kindness. I may add – a return to kindness to these three phrases. Whatever your definition of gratitude, these phrases have so much power in them, when we employ them in a practical way – with our heart and beyond – from the core of our spirit.

My good friend Simon Harvey (@simon_gb on twitter ) had said in reference to gratitudeā€¦

Without gratitude the quality of a life, any life, is devalued. – Simon Harvey

What a beautiful statement!

As we step into the third week of November, a lot of those in the USA look forward to the very family-centric holiday of Thanksgiving. It is an opportunity for families to get together, share a meal, take some time to be together, to be thankful for the journey of the past year, and look forward to the journey ahead. Our #SpiritChat discussion last November had asked some questions about gratitude.

How does adopting a sense of gratitude affect our spiritual growth? Are those who are more inclined to towards spirituality, necessarily more aware than others of their sense of gratitude? How can we actually increase our sense of gratitude over time? How does an attitude of gratitude (or the lack of it) affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?

I believe these questions are equally (if not more) relevant today, as they were last year. We can perhaps add another question. How do we go beyond simply expressing gratitude – towards practical spirituality in our lives?

I close with a big thank you. I am grateful to all those who have shared in #SpiritChat in the past, and continue to do so every week. Your presence inspires me to continue the weekly chats. And now, an invitation.

Please join us in a SpiritChat discussion this Sunday, November 18th at 9am ET as we explore the subject of how we can use the power of gratitude to practically affect our own lives and those around us.


Update: Here is the html Transcript for the chat. Here is the pdf version for download. Also see the questions asked during the live chat on our topic of Gratitude. Thank you – grateful to all who shared!

Q1. Gratitude. A single word with great power. What does this power mean to you? #SpiritChat 

Q2. Why is it important to express gratitude? What are some good ways of expressing it? #SpiritChat 

Q3. Does it bother you when others do NOT express gratitude to you? Why or why not? #SpiritChat 

Q4. How does an attitude of gratitude (or the lack of it) affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? #SpiritChat 

Q5. Can our daily spiritual practice(s) create a constant attitude of gratitude within us? How? #SpiritChat  

Q6. If you could go back and express gratitude to one, who would it be? What would you say? #SpiritChat 

Q7. Look ahead. How can families and communities be strengthened by our practice of gratitude? #SpiritChat

Final Q8. I will practice REAL gratitude by... ? #SpiritChat