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The two topics that we have discussed so far in our weekly Sunday morning conversations in the month of April with the SpiritChat community have been – Spontaneity and Patience. The discussion about patience last week (April 14th) was vibrant and lively. Little did we know that the events that were to follow in the week would be a huge test of our spiritual strength, and patience. (I refer to the events in city of Boston, which affected a lot of my friends. I am sure a lot of our readers and #SpiritChat community members have were affected by these events too).

When traumatic events happen, and we try and process the news, images, videos, tweets and other information that come our way, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We may tend to go through a range of responses which vary and transition between shock, dismay, anger, sorrow, grief, and many more. Some of us may look for reasons, ask questions like “why or how could such an event happen” and so on.

Once our emotions and questions subside, we may look towards moving forward, helping others who are suffering, and perhaps even revisiting some of the areas which provide us safety, strength and warmth. This is where a community of friends like #SpiritChat can step in, and possibly help. My good friend Jon Mertz wrote a wonderful post on one quality that could start the healing process – endurance.

In order to gauge the pulse of the community, I asked for feedback for a #SpiritChat topic on Friday evening. I was made aware that the need may be of “facilitating healing, restoring trust after the trauma” (via twitter user Barbara Oliver). Or, as Christa Gallopoulos said – we may examine “tolerance”. Louise Rooney suggested that we could examine “discernment”, and how we (did or did not) practice it. Thank you all – I will weave your thoughts into the chat questions and future topics.

It was Meredith Bouvier’s suggestion of “perseverance” that seemed to speak the loudest to me. I also happen to believe that perseverance is closely tied to patience, and is a fundamental part of the healing process. So, this Sunday, April 21st at 9amET – I invite you to come and share your thoughts on “healing through perseverance”. What does perseverance mean to you? Is perseverance just another name for stubbornness? How do we develop perseverance? How does it influence our spiritual journey, our core strength?

I wish you all inner peace, a return to equanimity. Till we meet again… Be well. Namaste.